Thursday, June 14, 2012

Busy Summer

Summer has begun and so far it has been a nonstop schedule!

It started with Austin finishing up 11th grade. Then taking the SAT. At least now he is working more hours at Publix and not spending so much money in gas driving his Dodge Ram!

Then I have started a new little home based business selling Skinny Wraps. Never thought I would have fallen for the before /after gimmick BUT it actually did work for me. I couldn't believe my eyes in my before/after pic. I posted it on facebook and had a flood of messages, comments, texts and calls. So I decided after my first wrap to sign up as a distributor to sell them, I might as well make money and then help people I care about make money and all while getting skinny. It's been a ton of fun!

Then Wynter had her dance recital for the season. It was amazing! She did so well for being the youngest in the entire school.

The kids also have gymnastics every week which is nice to be able to let them run free in a padded room!

Next week we have family coming in town. My husbands aunt and uncle from Spain. Coming with them is Nonna & Avo who will be spoiling the kids rotten :) I am getting the house prepared, basically clearing a path for guests.

Hopefully I get some good pics, we have a lot of activities planned.....

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