I am who I am

I am a 33 year old stay at home mom of 3 kids. My oldest is 16, my middle child is 2 and my youngest is 10 months. 2 boys and a girl. Austin, Wynter & Sterling hence the blog name:) I am also a wife of a man's man! He's got the fight of a Spartan, the love of a Frenchman & the loyalty of an Italian (well he really is French). My kids are my life. I will do anything and everything in my power to keep them from harm. I am so proud of them to. Austin is a great teenager who is very sensitive but macho. Surprisingly he is very philosophical for being 16. He is an artist, a football linebacker and a wrestler. He now has started learning to play the guitar to. He loves country music and has a real cowboy mentality. He is very polite and respectful, adults love him. He has a job and is saving money for a truck. Wynter makes my heart melt! She is very smart and a very sweet child. She also has fire in her soul. She LOVES to dance, at the first sound of music she will drop everything to find the source and start displaying her moves. She has now become an actress, it's quite hilarious when she will fake a cry or a boo boo to get attention. She'll do it on cue to. She knows words in sign language, French and Spanish. She can read lots of words to. My baby boy Sterling is one tough cookie monster. From the day he was born he has had to deal with a one year olds noise and roughness. He has almost caught up to his sister in size. Sometimes now when we are out people ask if they are twins. He is the strongest baby I've seen. He can hold on to a counter top and hang. He has been crawling since 5 months and can stand alone now. Needless to say I am a very proud mommy!

I love learning about living Green and Natural. I love Photography. I love Fitness and promoting a healthy lifestyle. I love Reality TV (Real Housewives & Bachelor).

My Facebook self description is "I read the inserts of vaccines I KNOW THE INGREDIENT LIST OF WHAT I PURCHASE I fact check almost everything I ADVOCATE FOR WHAT I THINK IS RIGHT I vote for freedoms I INFORM OTHERS BECAUSE I CARE I take time to KNOW & share as many things as possible."

I can tell you that I am opinionated but they are very educated opinions. I rarely form opinions on topics without researching and getting facts to help me form thoughts and feelings on matters.

My most passionate topics are "hot topics". Vaccinations & Politics..... yikes kind of controversial topics I know. I also believe in conspiracies.

I choose alternative medicines over traditional . I believe in my instincts over routine. 

Some things I hate:
I hate how corrupt our government, medical community & drug manufacturing is. I hate how our food is manufactured so full crap I don't know how humanity is still alive. I hate how our society has become feeling they have a right to tell others how to think and do. It really annoys me how people do not think for themselves anymore and don't make decisions based on their convictions rather then what they are told to think.